Functional Fitness

What’s functional fitness? Put simply, a functional fitness routine will train your body the way it’s designed to move.

A healthy human body is dependent on adequate motion to maintain its full range of physical functions.

In today's ever increasing sedentary lifestyle, the human body is gradually losing the ability to move and function the way it was designed to. In short, our computer and machine dominated way of living is robbing our bodies of important muscle and joint movement which is critical for a healthy, capable and pain free life.

With the exception of serious athletes, most people exercise to improve their quality of life.

A functional fitness routine, with exercises matched to your needs and capability, will awaken dormant muscle function and restore lost movement and mobility. As these design functions improve, so too will your ability to do everyday movements and activities, which will in turn help you get through each day more efficiently.

Regardless of age, functional fitness training really offers an exercise option for life.

A functional fitness routine can be done at a gym, but with the right guidance and advice, can also be accomplished extremely well at home with nothing more than your own body and a little space to move in!