Sarah Key Method to treat Low Back Pain

Spine.JPGThis unique approach to ‘low back pain’, is based on decades of experience at the coal-face by Physiotherapist to the Royal Family, Sarah Key. Of utmost importance is correct diagnosis involving comprehensive, history, physical examination and review of X-Rays and scans to discover the ‘nub’ of the problem in the overall cascade of spinal break down. The Sarah Key Method describes 5 levels of spinal breakdown:

1. Stiff Spinal Segment

2. Facet Joint Arthropathy

3. Acute Locked Back

4. Prolapsed IVD

5. Unstable Spinal Segment

All spinal problems fall into one (or more) of these categories which usually progress sequentially, however may skip from one category to the next. Once diagnosis is made, healing aims to reverse the stages of breakdown.

For more information please click on this link to read our: Fact Sheet - Sarah Key