Spinal Stability / Mobility Group Classes

Physio Plus offers specific Spinal Stability and Mobility Classes instructed by experienced Physiotherapists for those patients with Back problems or wanting to prevent Back problems

Spinal Stability Classes:

Spinal Stability.JPGSupervised spinal stability classes are designed to improve back and "core" strength to regain control for people who have suffered back pain or weakness due to:

• Back Surgery

• Back Injury

• Niggling back pain of unknown cause

• Poor Posture


Spinal Mobility Classes:

Spinal mobility.JPGSupervised spinal mobility classes are designed to improve spinal flexibility in those with restriction, or those at risk of developing restriction. Eg:

• Ankylosing Spondylitis

• Osteoarthritis

• Scoliosis

• Postural stiffness

All participants will need to be assessed in a private Physiotherapy session to evaluate current physical status and suitability for group sessions.

The Group Sessions are limited 5 people per session to ensure maximum supervision and attention.

To book in for one of these classes or for further information please call Physio Plus