Tim Boyd: is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist with 25+ years experience in the health, fitness and rehabilitation fields, with 12 of these years at Physio Plus.Tim has worked with a wide range of client types in varied settings including physiotherapy practices, multi disciplinary rehabilitation centres, fitness facilities, and professional-semi professional-amateur sports teams. Tim has extensive experience in many aspects of workplace injury prevention and rehabilitation. He has completed additional study in the inter-related areas of Posture Dysfunction, Workplace Ergonomic Assessment, and Individual Functional Assessment.Tim also has extensive experience in assisting clients with chronic disease or disorders to implement healthy lifestyle strategies and “movement as medicine”.  With a simple “motion is lotion” and “use it or lose it” philosophy, Tim can provide practical, effective and individual solutions to assist clients take control of their limitations and in doing so become more active, more healthy and more happy!On weekends Tim enjoys being active outdoors, time at the beach, pottering around the garden, a coffee with his wife, and time with family. He currently assists Kingscliff Soccer Club in injury management as a sports trainer.