Women of all ages need a strong pelvic floor for everyday function. 1 in 3 women experience incontinence as a result of weakened pelvic floor muscles.


Women’s Health Physiotherapy is predominantly focused on the care of women experiencing:

• Back and pelvic pain associated with pregnancy,
• Postnatal and antenatal conditioning,
• Weakness or dysfunction of the pelvic floor, especially those experiencing urinary incontinence.

Your physiotherapy session will include:

• A thorough and comprehensive subjective history,
• Advice and education regarding diet and fluid intake,
• Treatment of post-natal or antenatal pelvic and back pain,
• Education regarding the role and function of the pelvic floor muscles,
• A step by step explanation of pelvic floor activation and
• Personalised exercise prescription for retraining the pelvic floor.

Your session may also include:
• An internal examination of the pelvic floor musculature.