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Casting / Splinting / Bracing

At Physio Plus, we offer a casting and splinting service, as well as a comprehensive range of orthopaedic braces.

Water Proof Casts

Traditional casts made of plaster or fiberglass are not waterproof and can’t be submerged in water without becoming damaged. However, advancements in materials have led to the development of waterproof casts. These casts are often made of waterproof materials like waterproof liners or synthetic materials that can withstand exposure to water, allowing individuals to swim, bathe, or shower without the worry of damaging the cast.

Thermoplastic splints

Thermoplastic splints are orthopedic devices made from a pliable thermoplastic material that can be molded when heated and then hardens when cooled. These splints are often used in hand therapy and orthopedic rehabilitation to provide support, immobilization, or protection for injured or weakened areas.


An orthopedic brace is a medical device designed to support, immobilize, protect, or correct musculoskeletal structures in the body. These braces are commonly used to aid in the recovery from injuries, provide stability to joints, or manage certain conditions affecting the bones, muscles, ligaments, or tendons.

Orthopedic braces come in various forms and are specifically designed for different parts of the body, such as:

  • Knee braces: These provide support and stability for the knee joint. They can range from simple sleeves to more complex braces with hinges for specific conditions like ligament injuries or arthritis.
  • Ankle braces: Used to support and protect the ankle, these braces can be rigid or flexible, providing varying levels of support based on the severity of the injury.
  • Back braces: Designed to support the back and spine, these braces can help with conditions like lower back pain, spinal injuries, or post-surgery support.
  • Wrist and hand braces: Often used for conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome or wrist sprains, these braces support and stabilize the wrist and hand.
  • Shoulder braces: These support the shoulder joint and can be used for various shoulder injuries or post-surgery recovery.

Orthopedic braces are typically recommended by healthcare professionals such as orthopedic doctors, Physiotherapists, or sports medicine specialists.

They are customized or selected based on the specific needs of the patient and the nature of the injury or condition. Braces can aid in providing stability, reducing pain, preventing further injury, and supporting the healing process, allowing individuals to engage in daily activities or sports with increased comfort and safety.

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