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Workplace Injury Services

Workplace health and safety is an important issue for responsible employers. Utilising the combined skills of Physiotherapists, Exercise Physiologists and Occupational Therapists Physio Plus have applied our experience in Occupational Injury Rehabilitation and Biomechanics to develop value orientated Injury Prevention programs for employers

We offer programs suitable for helping injured workers return to work or injury prevention programs to help reduce work injuries.

Our programs are suitable for large employers or small businesses, factory workers or sedentary, computer based workers.

Work related activity

Assisting the return to work of injured workers within the NSW Workers Compensation System.

Treatment using Work Related Activity (WRA) incorporates evidence-based exercise, education and CBT strategies in the rehabilitation of injured workers. With a strong return to work focus, the intervention combines physical, behavioural and educational interventions.

Pre-employment screening assessment

Pre-employment screening has become a standard Risk Management strategy for progressive organizations aiming to reduce workplace injuries and minimize workers compensation premiums.

PhysioPlus are the preferred provider of pre-employment screening services for a number of local organizations and local and national businesses.

WorkSafe / OfficeSafe

Manual handling training program for a safer workplace.

The WorkSafe program is a group based education program that promotes awareness of manual handling risk factors and provides specific strategies and techniques to enable staff to better manage the manual handling challenges in their workplace.

Workplace Injury Prevention

  • Manual handling
  • Active at work exercise classes
  • Pain free @ work
  • Employee health checks
  • Ergonomic snap assessments

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