Locally Owned and Operated

Work Related Activity 

Assisting the return to work of injured workers within the
NSW Workers Compensation System

Treatment using Work Related Activity (WRA) incorporates evidence-based exercise, education and CBT strategies in the rehabilitation of injured workers. With a strong return to work focus, the intervention combines physical, behavioural and education interventions designed to:

  • Improve the injured workers functional capability and prepare them for a return to the demands of their job following injury.
  • Address physical and psycho-social RTW barriers which may be limiting the workers ability to RTW or upgrade duties.
  • Improve the workers self-management capability
  • Reduce the risk of long-term disability and work loss.
  • An active, evidence based approach to managing workplace injury, with a strong RTW focus.
  • Injured workers are encouraged to adopt an appreciation and understanding of the relationship between personal-responsibility, self-management and ongoing independence.
  • Exercise: Exercise strategies that are appropriate to the individuals injury and functional capabilities and that reflect the activities and demands of their workplace.
  • Behavioral: the use of CBT strategies where appropriate, to address un-helpful beliefs and behaviors that may be RTW barriers.
  • Education: to facilitate self-management including Pacing and Activity Modification, Managing pain “flair-ups”, Posture and Ergonomics, Manual Handling, Workplace warm-up, Managing Stress.
  • Encouragement of Self-Management: Home and workplace based exercise strategies to encourage sustained self-management behaviours.
  • When indicated, updates are provided to NTD to assist in RTW decision making.
  • Timely and informative reports to all stakeholders, communicating the workers capabilities & limitations, identified RTW barriers and related recommendations to assist in RTW decision making.
  • Flexibility to deliver services in the workplace where appropriate.
  • Services delivered by Exercise Physiologists accredited with ESSA and WorkCover NSW.


WRA services are delivered at:

  • Riverside Apartments Gymnasium – Fawcett Street, Ballina
  • Lismore Workers club Gymnasium – Keen Street, Lismore
  • Injured workers workplace – when appropriate or requested.

Travel costs may apply.


WRA intervention is delivered at the recognized NSW WorkCover rates.


Early referral from the NTD, Insurer or Rehabilitation Provider to an Exercise Physiologist may assist in a speedy and durable RTW outcome. WRA intervention is often indicated for workers who are not progressing with current treatment, or those who are unable to upgrade duties or RTW due to psycho-social barriers and / or functional restrictions.


Do you have a worker who is currently unable to fulfill their duties due to injury, or perhaps is returning to work following injury?

Would you like an objective and independent assessment of the worker’s suitability for work prior to their return to the workplace?

A Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) with Physio Plus determines an injured worker’s current functional capacity and work potential and allows employers to make informed RTW decisions in the best interest of the returning worker and the organisation.

An FCE provides an objective evaluation of an injured worker’s physical capabilities and limitations. With reference to the identified demands of the workplace, recommendations can then be provided in regards to the worker’s suitability for the proposed duties.

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