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A clinical therapeutic exercise program which will give you strength, flexibility, stability and balance all at the same time.

Group Exercise Classes

We offer both mat and reformer physio guided group exercise sessions each week where you are able to to get a whole body work-out using clinical therapeutic exercise, strength and conditioning principals in a small group environment. After having a full assessment with one of our physiotherapists we gain a solid understanding of your body’s condition (acute or chronic injuries), your fitness level, postural control and work situation (whether a manual or desk worker), after which we can tailor exercises specific to your needs.


Clinical Therapeutic Exercise Background

All our group exercise classes utilise Pilates principles and exercise techniques. Pilates was created by Joseph Pilates in New York and used almost exclusively by dancers at first. It is now used universally, with and without equipment. Clinical Pilates has since evolved where physiotherapists use the Pilates principals to emphasise core stability and correction of movement patterns.

Our Clinical Therapeutic Exercise guided classes are suitable for anyone who wishes to have positive results by becoming fitter, stronger and more flexible, with better posture and a healthier lifestyle. It is safe for beginners, and effective for elite athletes and people with sports injuries. Neck and back pain sufferers find relief. The aged gain strength, balance and confidence. Pilates is effective for osteoporosis, both in prevention and control. Used in rehabilitation and post surgery, Pilates will help you regain movement and strength. It is suitable during pregnancy. It helps those in chronic pain. Pilates has also been shown to aid mental health by helping those suffering from stress, anxiety, depression, weight and eating disorders.

Clinical Therapeutic Exercise is effective in improving overall health, physical and mental. It does this by strengthening, stretching and toning muscles. It also has general effects in creating a feeling of well being, improving balance, cardiovascular fitness and improving concentration and sleep patterns. It uses the Pilates principles of promoting: relaxation, correct breathing, body control, movement patterning, correct alignment, improving co-ordination, centering, strength and stamina.

Individual sessions

Our physiotherapists will help you develop a personalised regime, which will address your particular needs and/or problem areas.

Individual sessions will involve the use of various Pilates and other exercise equipment and are either an 30, 45 or 60 minutes in duration dependent on your needs.

Fees are aligned with our practice fees, and may be claimed through your private health fund.

Individual sessions can utilise a combination of reformer or small equipment and tailored to your needs.

Individual sessions are available by appointment from Monday to Friday.


Exercise regimes get the best results when some is done almost every day, and attending a series of our Physio guided group classes will encourage you to establish a home regime and enable the benefits to truly be felt.

We offer mat classes with the use of small apparatus and reformer based exercise classes. Beginners attending 1-2 sessions a week have the ability to improve quickly and gain an understanding of the principles of this practice, under the supervision of our physiotherapists who have a great understanding of the human body and the problems that arise from acute or chronic conditions.

Mat classes have the added advantage that you can continue these exercise class principles at home.

Pre- and Post class info

Before attending any classes:

All clients must attend a 30 minute assessment consultation with a physiotherapist before commencing any classes. Your health fund may offer you a rebate for this session. To arrange this appointment, please speak to one of our receptionists.

Post class training:

For you convenience we carry a range of equipment for you to continue your exercise schedule at home. Mats, rollers, fit balls, weights, Theraband, reflex balls, wobble boards, massage balls, stretch bands, pilates circles.

Pilates Fees

Group Mat Classes

Maximum of 5 participants

5 Pass (Valid for 5 visits)

10 Pass (Valid for 10 visits)

Casual Visit (Single Visit)

Private class one on one available

Group Reformer Classes

Maximum of 4 participants

5 Pass (Valid for 5 visits)

10 Pass (Valid for 10 visits)

Casual Visit (Single Visit)

Casual attendances are possible if a space is available

Private Classes

Private Clinical Therapeutic Exercise Classes

Either mat or reformer

45 minutes

Pre-requisite for class is a physiotherapy assessment. Your Health Fund may offer you a rebate through our HICAPS machine at reception.

General Clinical Therapeutic Exercise classes

Non-clinical Pilates fees are $26 and can be paid over the term.

Terms & Conditions

  • For all new Clinical Therapeutic Exercise attendees, we require you to have a 30min Clinical Therapeutic Exercise assessment before starting any classes. The fee is $85 and may be claimable via HICAPS, depending on your health fund.
  • All classes have a 24 hour cancellation policy – cancellations made on the day of your booking will forfeit the fee for the class. Non-attendance will also incur a fee.
  • Cancellations made in a timely manner will not incur a fee and bookings can be rescheduled.
  • The Clinical Therapeutic Exercise class passes can be purchased for 5 or 10 visits.
  • Please ask one of our receptionists to assist with purchasing Mat and Reformer passes and for assistance with bookings.
  • Clinical Therapeutic Exercise and your Private Health Fund: Check with your Health Fund regarding your level of cover and any requirements. A receipt can be emailed to you at the end of each pass in order for you to make your claim.
  • All passes are non-refundable.
  • The maximum attendees allowed in each Mat class is 6 participants and each reformer class is 4 participants.
  • If you have a group of friends, and you would like to start a class that is not on the timetable, please let us know.

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