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Custom Orthotics via Gaitscan Technology

Gaitscan is a state of the art force plate linked to a software program that allows your Physiotherapist to accurately detect abnormal foot function as you stand and walk across the force plate.

The data from Gaitscan together with a thorough history and biomechanical assessment by the Physiotherapist helps to determine if your foot function is related to your specific problem. Abnormal foot function can result in common conditions such as localised foot pain(metatarsalgia, bunions, neuroma) heel and ankle pain (plantar fasciitis/ Achilles tendinosis) and other lower limb problems such as shin splints and patella-femoral pain.

How do I know if I need Custom Orthotics?

We use a combination of clinical experience and Gaitscan technology to decide if you need orthotics including:

  • Interpretation of your history of injury and functional requirements including footwear
  • Examination by and experienced Physiotherapist which considers biomechanics and factors contributing to your pain and the role for treatment and corrective exercises
  • The Gaitscan results which may indicate abnormal foot mechanics which contribute to your pain

Foot Facts

25% of the bones of your body are in the foot. Each day we take around 10,000 steps and it
is the complex interaction of your foot on the ground and the correct alignment of your knee, hip and pelvis over your foot that enables efficient pain free walking and running.

Abnormal foot mechanics can result in the following common conditions: localised foot pain (metatarsalgia / bunions / neuroma) heel and ankle pain (plantar fasciitis / achilles tendonitis) and other lower limb problems such as shin splints and patello-femoral pain. Custom orthotics correct abnormal foot mechanics to help you Move Well & Stay Well.

3 Reasons why Orthotics are Better:


TOG orthotics are low profile, flexible and comfortable. The orthotic is made to gently correct the abnormal mechanics of your foot when walking rather than ‘hold’ the foot in a neutral position which is the basis of some orthotics which in our opinion are bulky, uncomfortable and less functional.


TOG is a leading orthotic laboratory using quality materials which allow orthotic types and styles that suit your needs eg: RunFlex, SoccerFlex, DressFlex. The orthotic shell has a lifetime guarantee and the softcover has a 6 month guarantee after which it can be replaced for $35.


TOG Orthotics from Physioplus cost $390 per pair or $550 for 2 pairs. TOG orthotics can be built into select shoes or sandals from leading brands (eg: Merrell / Brooks /Naot). With the shoe / orthotic combination from TOG priced around $390. These are very competitive and rebates apply from most health insurers.

Booking an assessment

The GaitScan is done as part of a consultation which includes assessment and advice and takes about 30 minutes. Orthotics can be ordered at the time of the consultation and take about 2-4 weeks to arrive from TOG. A 50% deposit is required at the time of ordering. Our physiotherapists have a special interest in foot / overuse injuries in runners and dancers and rehabilitation of foot function after orthopaedic surgery. If requested an orthotic holding ‘subtalar neutral’ can be made using a foam impression box / GaitScan / clinical notes. If you require a GaitScan or specialist consultation please advise our receptionist at the time of booking.

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