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Pain Management

What will we do as part of the Chronic pain management intervention?

  • Provide education on various topics related to Chronic pain management. These include:
    – how Chronic pain is produced and all the factors that contribute to that process,
    – hurt and harm and whether they mean the same when rehabilitating from an injury,
    – how to properly pace activities to improve function,
    – how to manage a flare up,
    – the use of proper body mechanics and ergonomics and
    – how unhelpful thought processes contribute to the pain experience.
  • Provide support to maintain or resume usual life roles and to upgrade activity levels.
  • Encourage gentle movements and stretches or exercises (where appropriate), to help normalize movement patterns or to mobilize joints and nerves.
  • Use interventions such as Graded Motor Imagery to help reorganise the brain.
  • Liaise closely with all parties involved (doctor, other healthcare providers, employer, insurer), resulting in clear communication and a consistent message to all.
  • Provide support to change the perspective on the Chronic pain management experience and to address unhelpful thought patterns, beliefs and habits. We will use tools such as cognitive behavioral strategies, client centered goal setting and relaxation strategies.
  • Assist with addressing other factors such as work related and social stressors.
  • Provide “homework”, such as a home exercise or stretching program to enhance the impact of the pain intervention sessions.

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