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Our staff

Physio Plus is a multidisciplinary practice, we pride ourselves in the provision of a progressive, professional service. All our staff is highly trained in their various disciplines and is continually updating their knowledge to provide you with the best possible service. We look forward to helping you move well & stay well.

Our continuing education, professional memberships and networks ensure you receive ‘best practice’ in assessment and treatment to get you back in action as soon as possible.


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Tony Morley


Emile du Plessis

Andrew Irvine

Matthew Lean

Courtney Burke


Naomi Mehan

Lachlan Pappas

Jonathan Fryga


Henry Pye

Ksenya Masendycz


Thomas Pasch

Stuart Cheval

Cally O’hara

Peter Craig

Jackie Kirby

Ali Millar

Tony Hennessy

Occupational Therapists

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Jessica Doyle

Tori Smith

Taylor Stewart

Karin du Plessis

Exercise Physiologists

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Tim Boyd

Jasmin Ritchie

Tayley Robertson

At Physio Plus You’re in the Right Hands